Dreame Bot D10s Plus


Do not update firmware via OTA if you plan to ever root your device

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ModelID: dreame.vacuum.r2240
Codename: r2240
OEM: Dreame
Firmware format: enc(2x), signed, sqfs(signed)
Sound format: tar.gz, unsigned
SOC: Allwinner MR813 (4x)
RAM: 512 MByte
Flash: 4GByte eMMC
MCU: GD32F303*ET6
WiFi: RTL8189FTV (6189N-SFC)
OS: OpenWRT (custom Tina) (4.9.x)
Released: Q3/2022


Camera: y (1x OV8856 front facing [RGB,8MP))
Mop: y
Waterpump: y
Towerbumper: n
IR dropsensors: 6x
IR sidesensors: y
Frontsensor: LineLaser
Carpetsensor: n
Brush type: rubber
Auto Empty: Yes (with default base station)
Auto Mop Cleaning: No
Cloud support: , dreame-iot


Root supported? : y (Q4/2022)
Root method public? : y
Root complexity: easy
Valetudo support: y


Custom Firmwarebuilder (Dustbuilder)
Rooting How-to
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WARNING: The base station is voltage dependant only. Operation of the 110V base station in a region with 220V will make the auto empty fan explode!


first seen2022-12-11

app004b1c23363951f49427f54dd39ea60f004b1c23363951f49427f54dd39ea60f_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2240.bin4.3.3_10172022-12-11 06:06:0065,899 MBgl
appa164f6115de620a957c642d2cbdad946a164f6115de620a957c642d2cbdad946_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2240.bin4.3.3_11432023-02-19 09:08:0072,403 MBgl
app4fc232546a2cd7610e19f838b7c0f2c94fc232546a2cd7610e19f838b7c0f2c9_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2240.bin4.3.3_12012023-03-21 05:50:0072,403 MBgl


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app4.3.3_10172022-12-11 06:06:00The first version
app4.3.3_11432023-02-19 09:08:00Version update:
1. Added Wi-Fi heatmaps
2. Added intelligent multi-floor map switching function
3. Added Wi-Fi management function
4. Added furniture recognition function
5. Improved the UI layout on the homepage
6. Improved the robot's obstacle avoidance capability during operation
app4.3.3_12012023-03-21 05:50:00The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

[2] Active: A device is still sold, and receives support by the vendor or the community

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