DreameBot L10 Ultra


Weak hardware, do not confuse with L10s Ultra

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ModelID: dreame.vacuum.r2257o
Codename: r2257
OEM: Dreame
Firmware format: enc(2x), signed, sqfs(signed)
Sound format:
SOC: Allwinner MR133 (4x)
RAM: 512 MByte
Flash: 256MByte NAND
WiFi: RTL8723DS(BT+WiFi)
OS: OpenWRT (custom Tina) (4.9.x)
Released: Q4/2022


Camera: n
Mop: y (rotating)
Waterpump: y (in basestation)
Towerbumper: y
IR dropsensors: 4x
IR sidesensors: y
Frontsensor: IR
Brush type: rubber+brush
Auto Empty: Yes (with default base station)
Auto Mop Cleaning: Yes (with default base station)
Cloud support: 4.3.3, dreame-iot


Root supported? : y (Q1/2023)
Root method public? : y
Root complexity:
Valetudo support: y


Custom Firmwarebuilder (Dustbuilder)
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WARNING: Device very weak hardware in comparison to L10s Ultra. Is missing many sensors, while looking similar. Dont get fooled. The base station is voltage dependant only. Operation of the 110V base station in a region with 220V will make the auto empty fan explode!


first seen2023-01-10

app44bcb318a5f004659dd60402b2d545b044bcb318a5f004659dd60402b2d545b0_upd_dreame.vacuum.r2257o.bin4.3.3_10152023-01-09 09:53:0033,496 MBgl
appd3c3dd98606eb81463261b07f95e411f7afd9c8507c20728611bb2657056fefe_r2257_update-4.3.3_1505.img4.3.3_15052023-06-24 08:16:0037,75 MBgl
app7026608add35c07cb917fc3a5ee478e2131fda2d5c98a9cad80b05006063e8b2_r2257_update-4.3.9_1608.img4.3.9_16082023-10-12 08:57:0039,376 MBgl
app1ab041a9750770e1bd675f6f0777cc3ea051988c46e5926e10e28cb646195658_r2257_update-4.3.9_1609.img4.3.9_16092023-11-03 01:16:0039,376 MBgl
appbf4fb35983676bff85cc2f32733b455cbe58f9433be4023f063918b1fff2461420240110083042.img4.3.9_16102024-01-10 04:05:0039,376 MBgl


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app4.3.3_10152023-01-09 09:53:001
app4.3.3_15052023-06-24 08:16:00
app4.3.9_16082023-10-12 08:57:00
app4.3.9_16092023-11-03 01:16:00
app4.3.9_16102024-01-10 04:05:00

[2] Active: A device is still sold, and receives support by the vendor or the community

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