Dreame X40 Ultra


Do not update firmware via OTA if you plan to ever root your device

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ModelID: dreame.vacuum.r2416c
Codename: p2416
OEM: Dreame
Firmware format: enc(zip), signed, enc, sqfs(signed)
Sound format: tar.gz, unsigned
SOC: Allwinner MR813 (4x)
RAM: 1 GByte
Flash: 4GByte eMMC
WiFi: RTL8189FTV
OS: OpenWRT (custom Tina) (4.9.x)
Released: Q2/2024


Camera: y (1x OV8856 front facing [RGB,8MP), 1x SC031GS line laser [640x480])
Mop: y(rotating, extendable, automatically removable)
Waterpump: y (in basestation)
Towerbumper: y
IR dropsensors: 4x
IR sidesensors: y
Frontsensor: Camera, Linelaser
Carpetsensor: y (ultrasonic)
Brush type: rubber, tri-cut (optional)
Auto Empty: Yes (with default base station)
Auto Mop Cleaning: Yes (with default base station)
Cloud support: 4.3.3, dreame-iot


Root supported? : y (Q2/2024)
Root method public? : y
Root complexity: easy
Valetudo support: y


Custom Firmwarebuilder (Dustbuilder)
Rooting How-to
TÜV privacy certification: y
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WARNING: The base station is voltage dependant only. Operation of the 110V base station in a region with 220V will make the auto empty fan explode!

Root possible without breaking warranty seals.

Robot has extendable mop pads and extendable sidebrush. Device has microphone and voice assistant!


first seen2024-03-19

appf25a9170df14966796cf14e1a5458247c1dbe7885bfc5e01b577183c13270e1c20240417113725.bin4.3.9_12072024-04-17 08:01:00118,711 MBgl
appcab2eedc0897a201623b2e58ff2c196c692c995cb3391b16b06af0c2dcff753220240527061100.bin4.3.9_12522024-05-27 05:06:00121,032 MBgl


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app4.3.9_12072024-04-17 08:01:00
app4.3.9_12522024-05-27 05:06:00

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