Ecovacs T20 Omni


ModelID: ecovacs.t20.omni
Codename: ZJ2231
OEM: Ecovacs
Firmware format: signed, encrypted
Sound format:
SOC: Rockchip RK3326 (4x)
RAM: 512 MByte RAM
Flash: 512MByte NAND
WiFi: FN-Link 6223a
OS: Linux (4.14.x)
Released: Q2/2023


Camera: y
Mop: y (rotating)
Waterpump: y
Towerbumper: y
IR dropsensors: 6x
IR sidesensors: y
Frontsensor: Linelaser
Carpetsensor: y (ultrasonic)
Brush type: rubber+brush
Auto Empty: Yes (with default base station)
Auto Mop Cleaning: Yes (with default base station)
Cloud support: , ecovacs


Root supported? : ()
Root method public? : n
Root complexity:
Valetudo support: n


TÜV privacy certification: y


Has Microphone. Has 2 sidebrushes. Same robot as T20 Turbo, but different base station. Camera cannot be used for live viewing. WARNING: The base station is voltage dependant only. Operation of the 110V base station in a region with 220V will make the auto empty fan explode!


first seen

appdffd8c739f20d1bb5e620d5a5ca81b6bzj2231_fw-1.6.8.bin1.6.82023-05-26 03:33:0066,531 MBgl


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app1.6.82023-05-26 03:33:001. Housekeeper mode upgrade 2.0
2. New structured light gear to support more obstacle avoidance strategies
3. Add Smart-Empty
4. Optimize the quick mode and merge it into cleaning efficiency
5. Fix other bugs

[2] Active: A device is still sold, and receives support by the vendor or the community

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