Roborock S8 Pro Ultra (Variant 2)


Roborock S8 Pro Ultra picture, click to enlarge

ModelID: roborock.vacuum.a70
Codename: Ultron-S Plus
OEM: Roborock
Firmware format: enc, signed, header in TZ
Sound format:
SOC: Allwinner MR813 (4x)
RAM: 512 MByte (DDR4)
Flash: 4GByte eMMC
WiFi: RT8189FS
OS: OpenWRT (custom Tina) (4.9.x)
Released: Q1/2023


Camera: y (SC035HGS, OV7251, both front-facing) with IR illumination
Mop: y (vibrating)
Waterpump: y
Towerbumper: y
IR dropsensors: 6x
IR sidesensors: 2x
Frontsensor: Cameras (+illum),Linelaser
Carpetsensor: y (ultrasonic)
Brush type: dual rubber
Auto Empty: Yes (with default base station)
Auto Mop Cleaning: Yes (with default base station)
Cloud support: 4.3.5, rriot


Root supported? : y (04/2023)
Root method public? : y
Root complexity: medium (partial disassembly)
Valetudo support: y


Custom Firmwarebuilder (Dustbuilder)
Rooting How-to
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Base station is voltage dependent. Do not use a US 110V base station in a 220V country. Root was released at DEFCON 31. Root possible without breaking warranty seals.


first seen2023-03-092023-03-302023-03-152023-03-09

app03736011be613e42d62fb221f543e81303736011be613e42d62fb221f543e813_upd_roborock.vacuum.a70.bin4.3.5_11802023-02-27 08:05:0097,716 MBru,sg,us
app81d0b3278eb087c76a2bbeb0848e471081d0b3278eb087c76a2bbeb0848e4710_upd_roborock.vacuum.a70.bin4.3.5_12362023-03-07 04:52:0097,715 MBde,ru,sg,us
app8cfd385c35cb3192af641c14dd3e9ea48cfd385c35cb3192af641c14dd3e9ea4_upd_roborock.vacuum.a70.bin4.3.5_13662023-03-24 11:00:0097,774 MBde,ru,sg
app17a16010133bbe40c81ef2d7469cfa4617a16010133bbe40c81ef2d7469cfa46_upd_roborock.vacuum.a70.bin4.3.5_14222023-04-03 09:43:0097,509 MBde,ru,sg,us
app5ecdf7071f7059e09953927df9fd40005ecdf7071f7059e09953927df9fd4000_upd_roborock.vacuum.a70.bin4.3.5_14862023-04-14 06:22:0097,51 MBde,ru,sg,us
app7005d2cc34f3960b6177c57faa9f86feultron_splus_1508_fullos.7005d2cc34f3960b6177c57faa9f86fe.signed.pkg4.3.5_15082023-04-25 04:59:580 MBde,sg,us
app2072b9cf014cd509db0f16eed303ddb2ultron_splus_1672_fullos.2072b9cf014cd509db0f16eed303ddb2.signed.pkg4.3.5_16722023-06-30 00:59:580 MBde,sg,us


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app4.3.5_11802023-02-27 08:05:00Fixed known bugs and improved user experience.
app4.3.5_12362023-03-07 04:52:00Fixed known bugs and improved user experience.
app4.3.5_13662023-03-24 11:00:001. Optimized the logic of washing the mop.
2. Solved the problem that the robot will be abnormally offline in some cases.
3. Fixed other known bugs.
app4.3.5_14222023-04-03 09:43:001. Improved software stability.
2. Fixed other known bugs.
app4.3.5_14862023-04-14 06:22:001. Improved software stability.
2. Route planning algorithm has been optimized.
3. Fixed other known bugs
app4.3.5_15082023-04-25 04:59:58
app4.3.5_16722023-06-30 00:59:58

[2] Active: A device is still sold, and receives support by the vendor or the community

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