Firmwares for: dreame.vacuum.p2149o

Productname: Mijia Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuum-Mop Pro

This information is collected over time by my rooted devices and stored in a database. There might be firmware older than this, but it is not listed here as I did not own a particular device at that time. There is no guarantee for accuracy of this information, as the availability of firmware might be device specific and region specific. Sometimes I don't have enough devices to cover all regions.

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first seen2021-10-15

app9d9f1c2241ce660b545f1ef19ab988ca9d9f1c2241ce660b545f1ef19ab988ca_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2149o.bin4.1.8_10462021-09-19 09:32:0034,948 MBcn
appa712a8bf69188cb4eb9d698b0507d800a712a8bf69188cb4eb9d698b0507d800_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2149o.bin4.1.8_10652021-10-19 07:44:0035,166 MBcn
app9f9a9ad00e7d2c36f58850afba1b62529f9a9ad00e7d2c36f58850afba1b6252_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2149o.bin4.1.8_10862021-12-02 11:05:0035,456 MBcn
app28e5658de994dc428c209d4f67e9374c28e5658de994dc428c209d4f67e9374c_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2149o.bin4.3.3_11002022-03-07 08:57:0036,243 MBcn
app554842e40f78a576d48464ba4981f23a554842e40f78a576d48464ba4981f23a_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2149o.bin4.3.3_11052022-03-25 04:56:0036,285 MBcn
app807a744426cbacb45874be4fa0e2abdf807a744426cbacb45874be4fa0e2abdf_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2149o.bin4.3.3_11112022-04-06 11:47:0036,34 MBcn


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app4.1.8_10462021-09-19 09:32:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app4.1.8_10652021-10-19 07:44:001. Added a water electrolysis switch
2. Optimized the experience of cleaning the mop pad
3. Fixed the known bug
app4.1.8_10862021-12-02 11:05:001. A new On/Off control for the mop pad drying;
2. A new setting of the mop pad cleaning frequency;
3. Fix some bugs.
app4.3.3_11002022-03-07 08:57:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app4.3.3_11052022-03-25 04:56:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app4.3.3_11112022-04-06 11:47:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.

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