Firmwares for: roborock.vacuum.p5

Productname: Roborock P5

This information is collected over time by my rooted devices and stored in a database. There might be firmware older than this, but it is not listed here as I did not own a particular device at that time. There is no guarantee for accuracy of this information, as the availability of firmware might be device specific and region specific. Sometimes I don't have enough devices to cover all regions.

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first seen2019-07-18

appc4fd67349cc1496487ef623a4f00b457rubysc_0310_fullos.bf4cebf1-0417-45b0-bfff-8819f96b8a37.signed.pkg3.5.4_03102019-09-20 12:04:0022,866 MBcn
app4884df68266d6d02cb4ae2c6f2e35723rubysc_0480_fullos.8dcec494-a7a7-4187-95b8-9b7c3179c812.signed.pkg3.5.4_04802019-12-20 03:06:0023,212 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
appc4a7af1990bd9bc8bd940d5570a9e40erubysc_0528_fullos.ee500acb-7a35-443b-9dbd-e58e27eb159a.signed.pkg3.5.4_05282020-01-19 09:09:0023,213 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app08ca8d47b28b222af81294054d28ffddrubysc_0698_fullos.56e1fe1d-25cd-4792-a2d1-b05c2f377617.signed.pkg3.5.8_06982020-05-11 07:04:0024,47 MBcn,us
app8dfbd5751c1236eb9f915ed503b0128frubysc_0774_fullos.a808ee06-c12e-4af9-b082-3458c22ba96e.signed.pkg3.5.8_07742020-06-19 08:34:0024,497 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app1e834e3b701c3c69c5deb0601d2df440rubysc_0788_fullos.05ac8e8a-bf3c-4dd4-9327-a6bfbdd40303.signed.pkg3.5.8_07882020-07-13 09:08:0024,502 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_09382020-10-09 08:37:0024,537 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_12042021-02-23 08:35:0024,67 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_12262021-04-12 11:02:0025,066 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_12562021-05-14 10:25:0025,065 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_12782021-06-03 08:41:0025,826 MBcn,de,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_13022021-07-11 02:40:0025,826 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app0dec88fc8f146967234051f137e098560dec88fc8f146967234051f137e09856_upd_roborock.vacuum.p5.bin3.5.8_13442021-09-07 02:11:0026,139 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_13682021-11-29 04:06:0026,143 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app3.5.4_03102019-09-20 12:04:00封样版本,用户首个固件版本
app3.5.4_04802019-12-20 03:06:00安装包大小:23.21M(安装包由机器人通过家中Wi-Fi进行下载,不会消耗手机流量)


app3.5.4_05282020-01-19 09:09:00优化设备连网过程
app3.5.8_06982020-05-11 07:04:00Installation Size:24.48 M
(The installation package will only be downloaded using Wi-Fi and will not consume cellular data.)
Major updates:
1. Added much requested multi-level mapping, with automatic level recognition.
New features:
1. Update SLAM algorithms to increase mapping reliability and location accuracy
2.Added customizable room cleaning sequence
3. Added support for up to three cleaning cycles for specific rooms
4. If unsatisifed with automatic room partitions, users can now instruct the robot to re-partition
1. Updated SLAM algorithms to increase mapping reliability and location accuracy.
2. Refined room partitioning algorithm for better accuracy.
3. Fixed a rare issue where some scheduled cleans do not appear in the 'Time' list.
4. Fixed some bugs and improved the user experience.
1. This new firmware update will delete previous maps and only keep the current one.
2. If using the Mi Home app, download the latest version before starting the firmware upgrade.
The upgrading process will take 5-10 minutes. You will receive a prompt when it is complete.
app3.5.8_07742020-06-19 08:34:00Update size: 24.51M(Update download directly to the robot using home Wi-Fi. No mobile data required.)

-Improved positioning speed and success rates in certain environments
-Improved Wi-Fi Easy Connect stability
-Improved Selective Room Cleaning and Zone Cleaning cleanup strategies
-Bug fixes
-User experience refinements

Update will take approximately 5-10 minutes.
app3.5.8_07882020-07-13 09:08:00- Obstacle avoidance enhancements
- Bug fixes and UI optimization
app3.5.8_09382020-10-09 08:37:00- Added support for Selective Room Cleaning in multi-level homes - Improved Carpet Boost to enhance carpet cleaning - Improved water flow control for more even water output - Improved cleaning efficiency in unusual environments and layouts - Improved map reliability and refined escape algorithms - Squashed lots of bugs and refined the UI
app3.5.8_12042021-02-23 08:35:00- Improved user experience Squashed some bugs
app3.5.8_12262021-04-12 11:02:00- Bug fixes and UI optimization
app3.5.8_12562021-05-14 10:25:00- Bug fixes and UI optimization
app3.5.8_12782021-06-03 08:41:00- Bug fixes and UI optimization
app3.5.8_13022021-07-11 02:40:00- Bug fixes and UI optimization
app3.5.8_13442021-09-07 02:11:00-If using Selective Room Cleaning or Zone Cleaning and cleaning an area twice or more, the robot will now clean in a cross hatch pattern.
-Bugs squashed. User experience improved.
app3.5.8_13682021-11-29 04:06:00-Squashed some bugs, refined the user experience.

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