Dreame Robot Vacuum D9

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ModelID: dreame.vacuum.p2009
Codename: p2009
OEM: Dreame
Firmware format: enc(2x), signed, sqfs
Sound format: tar.gz, unsigned
SOC: Allwinner MR133 (4x)
RAM: 256 MByte
Flash: 256MByte NAND
MCU: GD32F303*ET6
WiFi: RTL8189FTV (6189N-SFC)
OS: OpenWRT (custom Tina) (4.9.x)
Released: Q4/2020


Camera: n
Mop: y
Waterpump: y
Towerbumper: y
IR dropsensors: 6x
IR sidesensors: y
Frontsensor: IR
Carpetsensor: n
Brush type: rubber+brush
Auto Empty: No
Auto Mop Cleaning: No
Cloud support: 3.5.8


Root supported? : y (Q4/2020)
Root method public? : y
Root complexity: easy via UART, minimal teardown
Valetudo support: y


Custom Firmwarebuilder (Dustbuilder)
Rooting How-to
Compatible Basestations: P2057
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Base station: P2057

If you get a "cat: can't open '/etc/os_release': No such file or directory" message instead of a login shell, your Firmware version is too new. Create a ticket on https://vaers.dontvacuum.me/


first seen2020-04-142020-10-012020-10-012020-10-012020-10-01

app80377a90a4138c8c851d7c2d124cceaa80377a90a4138c8c851d7c2d124cceaa_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2008.bin3.5.8_00182020-05-18 05:33:0026,477 MBcn
app4a49e8d2b2cf11a9a6aafd73472975724a49e8d2b2cf11a9a6aafd7347297572_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2009.bin3.5.8_10582020-09-17 09:37:0022,938 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
appc52bfca4a14d87d4ef9770eb86613b35c52bfca4a14d87d4ef9770eb86613b35_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2008.bin3.5.8_10392020-11-03 06:28:0029,408 MBcn,de,ru,sg
app47c35fc4413ce3a5042eeee1bfc0830647c35fc4413ce3a5042eeee1bfc08306_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2009.bin3.5.8_10722020-12-02 01:46:0023,415 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
appb94942f4f8bea1d0345de24a710cc29cb94942f4f8bea1d0345de24a710cc29c_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2009.bin3.5.8_10822021-03-20 02:09:0024,976 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app22b06bc8e7e959cfaf8e35df853be7b822b06bc8e7e959cfaf8e35df853be7b8_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2009.bin3.5.8_11002021-09-16 06:05:0025,344 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
appd82bfa4f4bcce2f5da4410403fbc1d65d82bfa4f4bcce2f5da4410403fbc1d65_upd_dreame.vacuum.p2009.bin4.1.8_11322022-02-19 12:35:0026,894 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app3.5.8_00182020-05-18 05:33:001.修复已知bug
app3.5.8_10582020-09-17 09:37:00bug fix
app3.5.8_10392020-11-03 06:28:001. Fixed the known bug;
2. Optimized the cleaning experience.
app3.5.8_10722020-12-02 01:46:001.Bug fix
2.Optimize cleaning logic to improve user experience
app3.5.8_10822021-03-20 02:09:00bug fix
app3.5.8_11002021-09-16 06:05:00Bug fixes and Performance improvements.
app4.1.8_11322022-02-19 12:35:001、Support voice control via XiaoAi speaker to clean the specific area;
2、 Deep mopping - move in a tighter pattern to provide a better cleaning effect;
3、Bug fixes and Performance improvements.

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