Ecovacs X1 Omni


Do not update firmware via OTA if you plan to ever root your device

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ModelID: ecovacs.1vxt52
Codename: ZJ2102
OEM: Ecovacs
Firmware format: encrypted
Sound format:
SOC: Horizon X3M (4x)
RAM: 1 GByte (DDR4)
Flash: 512MByte SPI-NAND
WiFi: FN-Link 6223a
OS: Linux (+ROS) (4.14.x)
Released: Q2/2022


Camera: y
Mop: y (rotating)
Waterpump: y
Towerbumper: y
IR dropsensors: 6x
IR sidesensors: y
Frontsensor: Cameras,Linelaser
Carpetsensor: y (ultrasonic)
Brush type: rubber+brush
Auto Empty: Yes (with default base station)
Auto Mop Cleaning: Yes (with default base station)
Cloud support: , ecovacs


Root supported? : y (Q3/2022)
Root method public? : y
Root complexity: easy (UART)
Valetudo support: n


Rooting How-to
Compatible Basestations: CH2013
TÜV privacy certification: y
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Has Microphone. Has 2 sidebrushes. Same robot as X1 Turbo, but different base station. WARNING: The base station is voltage dependant only. Operation of the 110V base station in a region with 220V will make the auto empty fan explode!


first seen2023-12-10

appd25b0113eb8b264de071c44ffb87ea68zj2102-x3-t10_fw-1.8.7.bin1.8.72021-12-03 11:26:00125,838 MBgl
app91b48757fc11f86493f4f0129d1ea35dzj2102-x3-t10_fw-1.9.3.bin1.9.32022-01-03 06:46:00130,799 MBgl
app597e139f62013ac921b7415a5cc9947ezj2102-x3-t10_fw-1.9.4.bin1.9.42022-01-14 08:02:00130,823 MBgl
appbfb20a5e3438b2b5886c720ceee3cc22zj2102-x3-t10_fw-1.9.9.bin1.9.92022-03-01 10:49:00130,6 MBgl
app194b72dfb8d4af91367618396ad88205zj2102-x3-t10_fw-1.10.9.bin1.10.92022-03-25 03:34:00141,045 MBgl
appcebe7bca1476b41ffa5866b56e825946zj2102-x3-t10_fw-1.13.5.bin1.13.52022-05-27 05:37:00152,315 MBgl
app2c4a03aa7f351081d1a9c4f578fdc5dczj2102-x3-t10_fw-1.14.7.bin1.14.72022-07-07 12:55:00152,68 MBgl
app4caffb4b6006338ab5c58a8a8d2a4841zj2102-x3-t10_zj2216_fw-2.3.3.bin2.3.32022-10-18 09:34:00148,165 MBgl
appb799b937f426a3e64fc7d4107a6675c8zj2102-x3-t10_zj2216_fw-2.3.9.bin2.3.92022-11-22 08:12:00170,849 MBgl


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app1.8.72021-12-03 11:26:00
app1.9.32022-01-03 06:46:00initial
app1.9.42022-01-14 08:02:00initial
app1.9.92022-03-01 10:49:00
app1.10.92022-03-25 03:34:001. Optimize the experience of video manger
2. Optimize the obstacle avoidance logic of carpet
3. Add the button to return to the Robot list when the App interface freezes for automatic dust collection or mop cleaning
app1.13.52022-05-27 05:37:001.Optimize YIKO Voice Assistant experience.
2.Add the function which name is “Lab Features”, When enabled, DEEBOT will strategically clean up coarse dirt particles.
3. Add three kinds of furniture which are cat litter box, eating utensil and floor-to-ceiling mirror in the 3D map.
4. Fix the bug of occasional map losing.
5. Improve the ability of obstacle avoidance for cable-shaped items.
app1.14.72022-07-07 12:55:001.Added “Mopping Only” function
2.Added “Mopping Mode” function
3.Optimized YIKO Voice Assistant experience
Please upgrade to the latest version of App to experience the above features
app2.3.32022-10-18 09:34:00initial
app2.3.92022-11-22 08:12:00What’s new:
1.Added "Corner Deep Cleaning" function
2.Added pet poop avoidance
3.Added pet supplies identification
4.Supported to use "Hosted Mode" by voice commands
5.Bug fixes and user experience enhancements
Please upgrade to the latest version(V2.3.7) of App to experience the above features.

[2] Active: A device is still sold, and receives support by the vendor or the community

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