Roborock S6 MaxV


Not recommended for purchase and rooting!

ModelID: roborock.vacuum.a10
Codename: tanosv
OEM: Roborock
Firmware format: enc, signed, header in TZ
Sound format:
SOC: Qualcomm APQ8053 (8x)
RAM: 512 MByte
Flash: 4GByte eMCP
WiFi: Qualcomm
OS: Android (3.18.x)
Released: Q2/2020


Camera: y (2x OV5695 front [1920x1080]) with IR illumination
Mop: y
Waterpump: y
Towerbumper: y
IR dropsensors: 6x
IR sidesensors: y
Frontsensor: Cameras(+illum)
Carpetsensor: n
Brush type: rubber+brush
Auto Empty: No
Auto Mop Cleaning: No
Cloud support: 3.5.8, tuya


Root supported? : y (Q2/2020)
Root method public? : y
Root complexity: very hard (BGA soldering or ISP)
Valetudo support: y


Rooting How-to
Compatible Basestations: S6V51-01, CDZ11RR
TÜV privacy certification: y
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Root very difficult and not doable for most people. Stay away from this device if you ever want to use it without cloud.


first seen2020-08-012019-12-082019-12-082019-12-082019-12-08

appdd21b44b4c33bb49380aa5457decf2f1tanosv_1964.fullos.5310c1fe7c35dfa1c525265cc485caa5.signed.pkg3.5.7_19642020-01-03 03:25:00156,914 MBcn,de,us
appeae79908bff03a0ef4cd11b784fb97d2tanosv_2550.fullos.669f1d760ea915eab19e5cf316b80fde.signed.pkg3.5.8_25502020-02-10 06:58:00156,861 MBde,us
app7ffa0259827b65241e39cae6d1c46b16tanosv_3392.fullos.860c28e0b670f73ab66a8b534729f695.signed.pkg3.5.8_33922020-05-09 06:25:00156,649 MBru,sg
appc5f7668f655fdf2e19fd66dd80bf5ea6tanosv_4086.fullos.7e4b11e9029ceac424b2f546bcfd0cf9.signed.pkg3.5.8_40862020-06-17 02:32:00157,497 MBde,ru,sg,us
appfe2dada7bdbeab3be191bd2976988863tanosv_4600.fullos.a3d1b96d6865a282726ea9b8fe201a8c.signed.pkg3.5.8_46002020-08-11 02:23:00172,591 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
appf5a3a03a87de03e209495409c09fd9e7tanosv_4810.fullos.01533015e792e1af343a8fbd237a55b2.signed.pkg3.5.8_48102020-09-03 03:26:00172,589 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app0ad5dc2071356f53aba4728d84bc36a5tanosv_4966.fullos.e3cbec9e352af2ca9c4e754c7658ea9b.signed.pkg3.5.8_49662020-09-28 10:23:00201,872 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app98f8c2dcc6c085ae823d1e62d283e4d2tanosv_5156.fullos.7aea6f2ad683636b35f267d83af9e1b4.signed.pkg3.5.8_51562020-11-18 08:37:00221,047 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app541d8fb5a711e2336e0043220ee49624tanosv_5196.fullos.caf1da6329727794b631662c63e0adfd.signed.pkg3.5.8_51962020-12-10 10:14:00221,064 MBcn,ru,sg,us
appb172413e4bb66758481330c7010cdf36b172413e4bb66758481330c7010cdf36_upd_roborock.vacuum.a10.bin3.5.8_56902021-02-05 09:20:00221,254 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app05e0a4104794f7cce7650405e3e6506205e0a4104794f7cce7650405e3e65062_upd_roborock.vacuum.a10.bin3.5.8_58022021-04-19 10:05:00221,283 MBcn,de,ru,sg
app98150076dc95551342a1dfc101e0064e98150076dc95551342a1dfc101e0064e_upd_roborock.vacuum.a10.bin3.5.8_58502021-05-14 01:20:00221,268 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
app7543720caf8759bb562f241961f519b97543720caf8759bb562f241961f519b9_upd_roborock.vacuum.a10.bin3.5.8_59682021-07-05 12:15:00221,672 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_60522021-08-18 01:06:00221,653 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
appf9994fb3e1149d3177d196f57546017cf9994fb3e1149d3177d196f57546017c_upd_roborock.vacuum.a10.bin3.5.8_61862021-09-24 11:48:00221,596 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_62282021-11-26 11:00:00221,595 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us
(shared with other device)
3.5.8_62462022-01-20 01:48:00221,594 MBcn,de,ru,sg,us


These logs are extracted from official firmware releases. They might or might not contain useful information.

app3.5.7_19642020-01-03 03:25:00初始版本
app3.5.8_25502020-02-10 06:58:00初始版本
app3.5.8_33922020-05-09 06:25:00初始版本
app3.5.8_40862020-06-17 02:32:00Update size: 150M (Update will download directly to the robot over home Wi-Fi. It does not require mobile data.)

* New Obstacle Photo feature
* Improved object recognition accuracy
* Improved obstacle avoidance strategy in certain scenarios
* Improved positioning speed and accuracy
* Bug fixes
* User experience refinements

Update will take approximately 5-10 minutes.
app3.5.8_46002020-08-11 02:23:00安装包大小:160MB(安装包由机器人通过家中Wi-Fi进行下载,不会消耗手机流量)

- 新增织物类(如袜子)、簸箕类可识别障碍物类型;
- 新增未知障碍物实景照片查看功能;
- 优化避障动作,提升避障效果;
- 优化定位策略,提升定位成功率及效率;
- 优化电控水箱出水策略,使出水更均匀;
- 修复一些BUG,提升用户体验;

app3.5.8_48102020-09-03 03:26:00安装包大小:150M(安装包由机器人通过家中Wi-Fi进行下载,不会消耗手机流量)

- 修复一些BUG,提升用户体验

app3.5.8_49662020-09-28 10:23:00- Refined ReactiveAI algorithms to improve obstacle recognition rate.
- Refined room recognition algorithm.
- Added support for multi-level scheduling.
- Fixed a bug where Error 8 is incorrectly triggered in some scenes.
- Refined obstacle recognition and avoidance actions.
- Refined the map display.
- Squashed a few bugs.
app3.5.8_51562020-11-18 08:37:00安装包大小:200M(安装包由机器人通过家中Wi-Fi进行下载,不会消耗手机流量)

- 优化双目物体识别算法
- 修复某种情况下设备联网失败的问题
- 修复或优化其他一些问题

app3.5.8_51962020-12-10 10:14:00- Improved ReactiveAI object recognition algorithms
- Bugs squashed and general refinements
app3.5.8_56902021-02-05 09:20:00- Optimized recognition and avoidance of certain obstacles
- Optimized object recognition
- Fixed and Optimized some other issues
app3.5.8_58022021-04-19 10:05:00- Optimized the cleaning routes in some environments
- Optimized the algorithm for avoiding obstacles and entrapment
- General improvements and bugs squashed
app3.5.8_58502021-05-14 01:20:00- Fix some bug
app3.5.8_59682021-07-05 12:15:00- Fix some bug
app3.5.8_60522021-08-18 01:06:00- Fix some bug
app3.5.8_61862021-09-24 11:48:00-New Child Lock Feature. Long press the Spot Clean button or use the app to activate.
-If using Selective Room Cleaning or Zone Cleaning and cleaning an area twice or more, the robot will now clean in a cross hatch pattern.
-Bugs squashed. User experience improved.
app3.5.8_62282021-11-26 11:00:00- Fix some bug
app3.5.8_62462022-01-20 01:48:00- Fix some bug

[1] END OF LIFE / END OF SALE: Devices get this flag if we see that they did not receive firmware updates for a long time or are not available anymore in specific regions. Same applies if the model was replaced with a new one.

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